Breaking the Ice at the Wedding Reception

24 Nov

I’ve recently had some new business cards and other stationery printed by moo – I love that I can have as many different designs as I like in one pack, although I don’t often use that option! Anyway whilst I was randomly wandering around their site the other day I found a wonderful section showcasing things that other people had done for their Wedding.

Breaking the ice at the wedding reception is always hard – how DO you get people to talk to each other? I’ve talked about ‘I Spy’ Photo games here before, but what about a quiz asking questions about the happy couple? There’s nothing like competition to get people chatting!

Moo quiz cards

{Image Credit}

Maybe a quiz isn’t your style. Perhaps you could leave cards at each place setting asking guests for a piece of advice to help make married life a success – possibly a recipe for disaster if a lot of your guests are single males, but probably good for a laugh at any rate!

{Image Credit}

Another great idea on the Moo website is a sticker book for children. We all know how difficult it is to keep them quiet and well behaved, so why not reward them with some stickers (and maybe something to stick them in!).

131/365: Stickers!

{Image Credit}

What did you do /will you do at your wedding to help settle your guests on to their tables?

Jane x


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