Baby Shower Invitations … & Tealights!

30 Jun

Well, it’s been a very long time since I posted here … so sorry about that! We have been very busy moving house and setting up new internet arrangements, etc. I think all is finally in order and things can return to normal … *crosses fingers*.

Anyway, enough about that.

I had some great feedback on a ‘You’re Expecting’ card I created a month or so ago and from that has been born a new range of baby shower invitations which will be added to the store over the next few days (my host is currently experiencing some issues). They are created on glorious Eco-luxury card (100% recycled) with an overlay of texturelicious (made up word) Via Felt paper, featuring a big bump and super strong butcher’s twine. Available in 4 colour ways – Tickled Pink, Bitter Roast, Moonstone (blue) and Tamarind (yellow).

Great Expectations baby shower range

Also new to the store this week are some much requested soy wax maxi light packs and an upgrade to the tealights from aluminium casing to polycarbonate. Maxi lights are available in packs of 4, whilst tealights come in 6 packs – insert your own pun here! And, if you’re quick you can get a bargain on some clearance stock of aluminium tealights in limited fragrances.

New tealights and maxi lights.

So that’s it for today, I hope to be a little more in contact from now on …

Jane x


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