A Rustic Candle Centrepiece for Your Dining Table

5 Aug

I saw this idea on a Pinterest board last year and thought I really must give it a try. Yesterday Just Jane held it’s inaugural candle party and, quite honestly, it was the excuse I needed!

cinnamon wrapped candle

A Just Jane Very Vanilla soy wax candle wrappped with cinnamon sticks.

I used a baby metro Very Vanilla fragrance candle – although next time I will use a small apothecary size, read on for reasons – and placed cinnamon sticks around it. I used an elastic band to hold them in place before tying off with some strong cotton twine. You could even use a glue gun to stick them to the glass if you prefer.

One word of warning: as you can see from the picture the cinnamon sticks were higher than the glass container (and the mini metro is very small) and after a while the flame caused the sticks to start to smoke! I would suggest either trimming the sticks to below the top of the glass or using a larger container – my small apothecary size would be perfect.

All burning the house down issues aside, it does make a gorgeous table centrepiece and would also add a beautiful aromatic to the experience! I think I’ll be giving it another go around Christmas time 🙂

Jane x


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