It’s Beginning to Smell a lot Like Christmas! – Christmas Candles, Gift Boxes and Tags

31 Oct

It’s all heads down, bums up at Just Jane HQ at the moment. Why? Well Christmas is coming and that means lots of markets to get ready for. And even though I had plans in place fairly early on – in August in fact – I still am not ready and the first market is in two days O.M.G!

Soooo, where to start? Well, way back in August (maybe even July) I found these great coloured jars and just knew they would be perfect for my Christmas candle range. Then I had to test them to make sure they were suitable for use as candles and to find out what size wicks worked best, etc – you can never do too much testing as a candle maker 🙂 The great thing about these jars is that they will be fab for re-using in most rooms of the house – see below for a little bath salt recipe. I wanted to make them attractive as gifts on their own so added some handmade gift tags which include my labelling and I’m thinking about adding a little handmade polymer clay charm to each as well – not sure how I’ll be fixed for time on that one though. So here’s the almost finished product.

Coloured glassware for Christmas

I love gift boxes too, so I’ve designed a fab little mini milk carton using some graphics from one of my Serif programmes and I’ll be using lots of them for teacher gifts, last minute host gifts, etc. You can download a template for the carton (blank without graphics) from the freebies page of my Designs website here. I love these little boxes and they are so versatile.

Mini Milk Carton Christmas

And well Christmas wouldn’t be the same without lots of decorations would it? So I’ll be cinnamon wrapping some candles, tealights will be spruced up and placed on glass plates with festive coloured pebbles and I bought this fab little KaiserCraft DIY wreath yesterday which I plan to ‘festive up’ with papers and glitter and paint!

KaiserCraft Funky Wreath

Too much on my plate? Well it wouldn’t be Christmas if it was easy now would it!?

How are your festive preparations coming along?

Jane x

PS. That bath salt recipe: 1 cup Dead Sea Salts/Himalayan Salts, 1 cup Epsom Salts, handful dried herbs/flowers of your choice, 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oil. Enjoy 🙂


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