{TIPS} How to clean your soy candle jar

6 Aug

Surprisingly, maybe, one of the most frequent questions I get asked as a maker of soy candles is how to clean the jar when the candle has burned out. I think this is because many of the shop bought candles around are made of a paraffin based wax blend that has a high melt point, is very hard in texture and therefore is difficult to clean up. I can remember trying all sorts to clean out pretty jars in the past.

Because soy wax (and I’m not talking about a paraffin/soy blend) is a soft wax with a low melt point cleaning up your jars (and spills) is actually very simple. There are several ways you could do it but this is my preferred method … I’m all for quick and simple!

  1. Fill your kettle and bring it to the boil.
  2. CAREFULLY pour the just boiled water into the candle jar covering all the wax residue. Do this in a sink or a place where if the glass should crack you don’t end up with hot water all over the place.
  3. Leave the jar to sit. After about 30mins you’ll find that the residual wax has melted and has risen to the top of the water level (see Picture 1)
  4. After a few hours the water will have cooled and the wax will have solidified again – but this time it is floating on the surface of the water (see Picture 2)
  5. Gently push down on the wax (carefully, or you’ll end up with water sprayed all over you!!!). If you’re lucky you’ll just be able to flip it on it’s side and pull it out of the jar, or if you have jars with narrower necks you can just break the wax into smaller pieces and remove them (see Picture 3)
  6. Remove the wick holders if they are still stuck to the bottom of your jar and either place the jar in your dishwasher or wash it up in hot soapy water by hand

TA DAAA – yes it really is that simple.

Wax melts and floats to surface

Wax melts and floats to surface

Wax hardens on the surface

Wax hardens on the surface

Wax pops out !

Wax pops out !


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