{PROCESS} Paper Cut – From Idea to Reality

19 Mar

I have been having a ball over recent months playing with my cutting machine. Those who know me will be aware that I always want to find the most complicated thing to do and make it perfect, lol! Well, I discovered paper cutting quite a while ago but because my eyesight is suffering (yes, OK, I admit it I am getting older!) and frankly, it’s not safe for me to wield a very sharp knife, I really couldn’t get into it … And then I discovered cutting machines that are compatible with my PC and a whole new world opened up!!

I love my computer and the design programmes I have on it, so to find a way to make this work for paper cuts was a huge bonus.

Anyway, my paper cuts have been very popular so I wanted to share with you all the process behind the product.

So we are going to look at my new Family Tree paper cut.

The finished product

The finished product

Finding inspiration for new products is always difficult although this one came from the gorgeous willow tree we have growing in our front yard. My son and partner have adapted it and it now has a little rope swing and a seat in the branches for DS to play with. (Apologies for the picture quality!)

Our family tree!

Our family tree!

With a little bit of imagination and absolutely no drawing talent whatsoever I then move on to making a sketch of how I would like the finished product to look. I am not joking when I say that I have no drawing talent and I am in total awe of anyone who can transfer what is in their head onto a blank piece of paper with a pencil, brush or whatever. Anyhoo, this is what I ended up with!

What a talent! The sketch of  how the paper cut might look.

What a talent! The sketch of how the paper cut might look.

As you’ll be able to see by comparing the sketch and the final product things frequently change during the design process. The next part is actually probably my favourite part, apart from the finished product, of the whole progression. I love my PC and I love drawing on my PC. It allows me to do the things I can’t do with a pencil in my hand, which is most definitely a good thing! So here I am part way through the design on my lovely design programme.

Where my heart lies - designing with my PC!

Where my heart lies – designing with my PC!

And once the design is complete – and I’ve made sure I won’t end up with too many gaping holes where I thought there would be pretty things – I format it for use with the cutting machine. In goes my luxurious card stock (I am a complete paper nerd!), press the button and wait for the machine to do it’s job. Once the cut has been done I then have to hand finish the job. Sometimes the area for cutting is too small or the blade just hasn’t cut through the card and so I have to grab my trusty scalpel and reading glasses and pray that I don’t end up leaving blood all over the finished cut!

Framing it into a floating frame follows and then ‘voila!’ we have a beautiful, personalised wall art addition perfect for any home.

Visit my www.justjanedesigns.com store if you’d like one for your home 🙂


Finished Family Tree paper cut under our family tree! (It had to be done)

Finished Family Tree paper cut under our family tree! (It had to be done)


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