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{PROCESS} Paper Cut – From Idea to Reality

19 Mar

I have been having a ball over recent months playing with my cutting machine. Those who know me will be aware that I always want to find the most complicated thing to do and make it perfect, lol! Well, I discovered paper cutting quite a while ago but because my eyesight is suffering (yes, OK, I admit it I am getting older!) and frankly, it’s not safe for me to wield a very sharp knife, I really couldn’t get into it … And then I discovered cutting machines that are compatible with my PC and a whole new world opened up!!

I love my computer and the design programmes I have on it, so to find a way to make this work for paper cuts was a huge bonus.

Anyway, my paper cuts have been very popular so I wanted to share with you all the process behind the product.

So we are going to look at my new Family Tree paper cut. Continue reading


{REAL LIFE PARTIES} Black and White Zebra Theme Party

16 Jul black and white zebra theme invitations

Over the last month or two I have had the pleasure of being involved in the preparations for a gorgeous girl’s 13th birthday party. It’s rare for me to get so close to the organisation and so naturally I was excited to share each and every part … I’m not sure my Facebook followers for Just Jane Designs were loving it so much by the end! Anyway, now that the party has been and gone I thought I’d share with you the whole thing from start to finish.

Every party needs an invitation! With a specially designed stylized tiara and the requested zebra print and splash of colour these are the final issue

black and white zebra theme invitations

Black and white zebra theme invitations

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Super little gift boxes for your baby bulb candles!

28 Sep

As you know, I love gift boxes and I love candles! When I was trying to come up with a gift for my son’s teachers for the end of term it made sense to join the two together and make gift boxes for my baby bulb candles.

Gift boxes for the baby bulb candles

Making them prompted me to write a post for my Just Jane Designs blog and to include a great freebie of the template and the word art.

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Christmas Cards – 2011

25 Sep

So we are into September now and I’ve started on my Christmas cards. It may seem early, but I know from experience how time can creep up on you!

So far I’ve managed to use up the remnants of last year’s papers and I’m very pleased with the results:

I’ve also done a bit of work on another design new for this year:

I’m looking for new papers and new inspiration now. What have you seen around that you like? Are you getting your plans in place for Christmas?

Jane x

Last Minute Gift Box

16 Dec

I just had to share this with you!  As I’ve had a very busy couple of months with wedding invitations and my son’s birthday party preparations I had run out of time to go out and get cards and find gifts for my son’s teachers and day care carers. 

I had some Ferrero chocolates in the pantry (as you do 😉 !) so I decided to design a little gift box to hold 3 of them so that I could give those to the teachers and carers.  I had some lovely graphics from Trina Clark at which I had been wanting to use and this seemed the perfect opportunity!

Christmas Chocolate Boxes all ready to go!

Aren’t they cute!  If you’d like to make some yourself take a trip over to my new website where you’ll find lots of cards and things to print yourself.  And at the moment everything is just $1.50 – that’s AUD for those of you who work in other Dollar types!
Have a great Holiday Season everyone!
Jane xx