How do You Handle Competition in Your Small Biz?

20 Nov

This is a subject that has been running around in my head for a few months now. I’ve been working with a few little businesses who have been dogged by various competition based issues and it’s always interesting to see how differently people handle these things.

I have always been very pro-competition. It is something I have embraced throughout my business life. Some of you may find this crazy, but some of my ‘competitors’ have actually become good friends. I have been a mentor to small business owners who are running businesses that will operate in ‘competition’ with me … yes, I really have!

Over the last couple of months there has been what appears to be a national shortage of candle making supplies in Australia. It has been a very frustrating time for many of us as we approach one of the busiest periods of the year. I am fortunate enough to belong to a great Facebook group of candle and soap makers and it has been a joy to see them help each other out with information during this difficult time. I have also been able to directly help some of my more local ‘competitors’ when they have run out of supplies that they need urgently and I have excess of those supplies. I’m sure that now many of my readers will be shaking their heads and denouncing me as a complete nutter: ‘Why on earth would she want to give her competitors supplies?’ Continue reading


The Triple Scented Debate – Soy Candles

22 Sep

Triple Scented - is your chandler comparing apples and oranges

I am a regular stalker and contributor on several candle groups on Facebook – it’s something you kind of fall into when you make candles … it’s sometimes something I wish I had never found, but that’s another post altogether! Anyway, there are a number of topics that come up over and over, and the question of the term ‘triple scented’ is one of them.

Frequently you will find these words used as a marketing pull. It is aimed at making the reader believe the candle they are buying must be superior or more luxurious than other candles. It makes you feel that your candle has been made with no expense spared. And that’s fair enough, but what does it really mean? Actually, it means nothing much at all! Let me share a little bit of candle history with you … Continue reading

{TIPS} How to clean your soy candle jar

6 Aug

Surprisingly, maybe, one of the most frequent questions I get asked as a maker of soy candles is how to clean the jar when the candle has burned out. I think this is because many of the shop bought candles around are made of a paraffin based wax blend that has a high melt point, is very hard in texture and therefore is difficult to clean up. I can remember trying all sorts to clean out pretty jars in the past.

Because soy wax (and I’m not talking about a paraffin/soy blend) is a soft wax with a low melt point cleaning up your jars (and spills) is actually very simple. There are several ways you could do it but this is my preferred method … I’m all for quick and simple! Continue reading

{REAL LIFE PARTIES} Black and White Zebra Theme Party

16 Jul black and white zebra theme invitations

Over the last month or two I have had the pleasure of being involved in the preparations for a gorgeous girl’s 13th birthday party. It’s rare for me to get so close to the organisation and so naturally I was excited to share each and every part … I’m not sure my Facebook followers for Just Jane Designs were loving it so much by the end! Anyway, now that the party has been and gone I thought I’d share with you the whole thing from start to finish.

Every party needs an invitation! With a specially designed stylized tiara and the requested zebra print and splash of colour these are the final issue

black and white zebra theme invitations

Black and white zebra theme invitations

Continue reading

Mini Tags | Inspiration & New Product

20 Mar

Do you ever find yourself needing to thank someone and scrabbling around for a gift tag to brighten up your offering? I know I do.

I’m a big Kraft paper fan. It’s so versatile. You can wrap up a present and then pretty up the paper in so many ways. Here’s a few of mine from last year.

Kraft paper wrapped presents.

Kraft paper wrapped presents.

Well, last year I discovered another fab paper and cardstock called ‘Botany’. It’s a recycled paper and has the most gorgeous texture and look about it. It is very rustic and great for the environment. I’ve used it for all sorts of things including boxes for my tealight candles!

Tealight Candles

‘Botany’ boxes

This week I’ve been inspired to create mini tags using this beautiful card. These are the cutest things ever (even if I do say so myself)! They measure 7cm x 3cm and will suit all sorts of jobs. How about tieing around the stalk of that plant you’re giving as a thank you? Or maybe add it to a brightly coloured party bag? The options are endless. And what could be simpler than the black print on this gorgeous rustic card!

'Botany' mini tags. (c) Just Jane Designs

‘Botany’ mini tags. (c) Just Jane Designs

You could make these yourself or if you prefer pop over to the Just Jane Designs shop and purchase from there.