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Knights, Castles, Dragons & Princesses …

16 Nov

So my little one is having his fifth birthday in December and, after mulling over  a few choices, he decided on the theme of knights and the party will be at home in the garden.  I really know how to drop myself in it!

The first challenge was to design an invitation.  I was originally thinking along the lines of a castle drawbridge or gate that opens up to show the details of the party.  I’d like to have a knight and a dragon somewhere on the front & maybe we should include a princess too?  I have some lovely digital stamps that I purchased from www.scrappindoodles.com featuring a knight, some dragons and a castle.  The line art on these ‘Colour Your Own’ (CYO) graphics is by Alice Smith.  I’ve used the graphics for some of my son’s friends birthday cards and I think they will look great.

After quite a bit of juggling and manoeuvring of graphics on my page I decided that the castle option just wasnt’ going to work.  The doors would have to be huge and the castle tiny to make it right.  So, onto plan B! 

One of the dragon graphics features a dragon sitting with his arms outstretched – perfect for holding something.  Inspiration struck!  I ran up a draft for Rhys to see with a traditional green dragon on it.  No, he wants a red dragon – red is his favourite colour, had I forgotten?  OK, so I’ll change the colours!

Here’s the final draft, and the ones that were distributed this morning to all his little pals. If you want to try it out for yourself I’ll be uploading a version to my website for purchase later today (www.justjanedesigns.com).

One slight hitch – once the tag is pulled it can’t really be put back!  Oh well, not everything can be perfect all the time …

One last word.  All the kids in his class loved their invitations.  Now I’ve just got to try and make the party stand up to their (perhaps) elevated expections!!  Wish me luck …

Jane x