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{REAL LIFE PARTIES} Black and White Zebra Theme Party

16 Jul black and white zebra theme invitations

Over the last month or two I have had the pleasure of being involved in the preparations for a gorgeous girl’s 13th birthday party. It’s rare for me to get so close to the organisation and so naturally I was excited to share each and every part … I’m not sure my Facebook followers for Just Jane Designs were loving it so much by the end! Anyway, now that the party has been and gone I thought I’d share with you the whole thing from start to finish.

Every party needs an invitation! With a specially designed stylized tiara and the requested zebra print and splash of colour these are the final issue

black and white zebra theme invitations

Black and white zebra theme invitations

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It’s August already! (and new Collections for 2011)

1 Aug

Well, here we are starting the 8th month of 2011 – where has the time gone?

Just Jane has undergone (yet another) facelift and my entire branding has changed. Hopefully it’s an improvement but only time will tell. I’ve done it all myself – websites, facebook welcome pages, Facebook profile pictures – so no doubt there will be lots of little hiccups as time moves on!

I’ve still managed to get some fresh designs launched for this year. I’m particularly loving the black and white one, and hopefully so will my clients! Here are the piccies of all three for you to check out

No Strings Collection

Love's Dream Collection

Gilded Cage Collection

I’ve got some other news too, but will save that for another day.

Jane x

Stylish Stripes Options

14 Jun

Classic Stripes Colour/Button Options

Following on from last week’s Stylish Black & White invitation I thought it might be a good idea to show how designs can be altered to suit the client’s colour requirements and also the occasion.

Taking the Stylish Black & White invitation I have changed the base colour from black to a variety of other shades.  I have also changed the silhouette in the button which can change the whole feel of the invitation.  For example a bride and groom in the button makes it suitable for a wedding or engagement. 

So once again I would like to remind you that all my designs are adaptable.  If you like the feel of one of them but think it isn’t quite right for your event, call me or e-mail me and we’ll work out an adaptation.

Take care all!


Stylish Black & White

7 Jun

Black & White Stripes

This week I have been working on a design for grown ups. 

I’ve been working with black and white – prompted by a challenge on a forum I participate in.  The design you see here would work really well for a cocktail party or perhaps an ‘Ebony & Ivory’ ball!  I love black and white because it always looks so sophisticated.

The straight lines on this invitation give it a sleek and elegant look perfect for that extra special grown up occasion.  I’ve also designed a name tag which could be used for labeling party favours or could be tarted up with a black ribbon or rope and tied to the wine glass of the guest as a place name.  A variation of the black stripe & picture could be used as a napkin holder and the design could also be developed to include a menu or even a cocktail list.  The options are endless!

I’m also working on some other black and white styles so keep checking back for more!

Enjoy your party planning!