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2012 New Ranges – Kids Party Invites & Accessories, New Wedding Stationery and Palm Wax Melts

11 Jan

Hello, and welcome to Just Jane in 2012!

For some time now I’ve had some printable kids party invites and accessories available in my store, but I thought I’d try my hand at printing some myself and seeing how people like them. I have printed out a couple of ‘fill-in’ invitation sets and accessory sets in a new range I plan to introduce this year. These items will be offered at my next market stall – 20th January, Central Walk Markets, Joondalup, WA – for customers to buy at a price they feel is fair for the quality. This is all in the name of market research … I’m a little bit scared but hope the results will give me good feedback. Continue reading


New Ladybird Invitations

8 Aug

Following on from a number of requests for Ladybird and Bumblebee invitations I have been working on some new options.


The Ladybird invitations have been finished and are available in two different options: 

  • Print your own – visit www.justjanedesigns.com, and download it from there.
  • Let me print and prepare your invitations by getting in touch with me

The choice is yours. 

First Birthday Invitation

Some more news:  As you may have noticed from the first option above I have now set myself up with the ability to sell my designs directly to you.  This option is still in testing and depending on how successful it is will expand as time moves on.  I may even set up a separate web site for this side of the business.

I will also be selling my designs through www.card-making-downloads.com, so watch this space for more details on that.

Jane xx

Another New Baby!

7 Jul

After all the excitement of the 3 weeks ago when my brother’s little girl was born we thought we had another month or so before the next new family member arrived.  But, as is not uncommon with these things, last week my partner’s brother had their new baby – a boy. 

This caught me on the hop a bit but I still managed to rise to the occasion and design a card for the new arrival.  I recently purchased some gorgeous clip art from countrylifegraphics.com and had the perfect set to put together this card, phew!  Pictures (not very good I’m afraid) are below.  And this one I will be making available as a free download a little later this month, so keep an eye open for it!

By the way, if you’re looking for some great graphics at reasonable prices I can highly recommend countrylifegraphics.com.

All the best

Jane xx

Kids Sports Party Invite

11 Jun

Sports Party Invite

A friend of mine recently asked me to design an invitation for her childrens upcoming birthday party.  The party has an active theme and she wanted something to reflect that.  As I know both the children coming up with something to suit the party and the kids was not too difficult!  They are both keen tennis players and the boy has recently discovered a talent for basketball.

I divided the invite into two distinct sections and drew a tennis court on one side and a basketball court on the other.  Inserted a couple of fun clip art characters and added some extra sparkle to give the invite a bit more ‘fun’.  A couple of appropriate ‘sporty’ type words and the design was complete. 

As an extra embellishment you could always add some glitter glue after printing.

Hope you have a fun party guys!