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Sourcing graphics

14 May

I felt it was probably a wise move to mention the sourcing of graphics for projects here.  For me this area has always been a bit of a mine field. 

Throughout most of my working life I have been an avid user of Microsoft clip art and other media files.  I know that these are safe and free from royalties, etc for the uses I’ve put them to.  However, now that I’ve started with Invites I’ve become aware of a number of pitfalls with regard to copyright, royalties and licencing of images, clip art and other digital graphics.  All the sites I have visited during my various searches for original graphics have their licencing and terms of use posted somewhere, however not all are easy to find.

I don’t want to go into the depths of the various copyright and terms of use contracts here but generally the graphics (even if you purchase them) may only be used for personal use.  Some may be used commercially, but often that means on finished products only – i.e. you may not resell the graphics in their raw form – and to me that is only fair.  Some state that you must change the graphic in some way.  There are all sorts of pitfalls and if you are about to embark on a similar journey to me then I would strongly recommend that you check out the origin of your graphics, clip art and images before posting them to a web site.  It is often possible to purchase a licence from the designer which allows you use the graphic in the way you wish – all it takes is a quick e-mail.

So, for the sake of the designers I would ask that you take a bit of time to consider the use of the image you are about to download and out of courtesy make sure you have permission to use it as you want.  If you are unsure contact the designer and ask – you may find that a simple  acknowledgement is all that is required.

That said, I try very hard to acknowledge the designer of any media I use where required.  If you are a designer and have found one of your graphics illegally used on my site please do get in touch with me and I will arrange to correct any error as soon as possible.  It will have been a genuine mistake on my part.

Have fun looking for new graphics!