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Mother’s Day – Part Two

5 May

Last week I mentioned that I was working on a handmade card for Mother’s Day and my mum’s 70th birthday.  Well the final version is shown below.

Mum's Birthday Card


Generally I am quite pleased with the results – I’m a bit cross about the smudges on the lettering!  Next time I’ll let the gel ink dry longer!  The original design is to make it look like a heart necklace but I couldn’t get hold of suitable wire in time for my mum’s birthday.  I don’t think the card is any less attractive because of it though.

I found the design for the card in a magazine – Cardmaking with Paper Sculpture – and I’ve been trying out a number of the suggestions.  So far this is the best one.  All the projects in the magazine were created by Greg Sukendro who is quite obviously a very talented crafter and designer.

I’ll post some more of my projects as and when they come together!

All the best