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Baby Shower Invitations … & Tealights!

30 Jun

Well, it’s been a very long time since I posted here … so sorry about that! We have been very busy moving house and setting up new internet arrangements, etc. I think all is finally in order and things can return to normal … *crosses fingers*.

Anyway, enough about that. Continue reading


Another New Baby!

7 Jul

After all the excitement of the 3 weeks ago when my brother’s little girl was born we thought we had another month or so before the next new family member arrived.  But, as is not uncommon with these things, last week my partner’s brother had their new baby – a boy. 

This caught me on the hop a bit but I still managed to rise to the occasion and design a card for the new arrival.  I recently purchased some gorgeous clip art from countrylifegraphics.com and had the perfect set to put together this card, phew!  Pictures (not very good I’m afraid) are below.  And this one I will be making available as a free download a little later this month, so keep an eye open for it!

By the way, if you’re looking for some great graphics at reasonable prices I can highly recommend countrylifegraphics.com.

All the best

Jane xx

New Baby!

19 Jun
This week I have been working on a card for my brother and sister-in-law who had their 2nd baby on Monday.  A second girl to add to their family. 

As we knew what to expect – a girl – and on which date – 14th June – I already had some ideas about what I wanted to do.  In fact I had already made a  design for some wedding invitation samples which I wanted to use in a different way.  Also, whilst I know that pink is a favourite for little girls, I’m not a great fan and wanted to do something a little bit different. 

Front & back of the card

If you’ve looked at my Weddings gallery you will already be familiar with much of the design as it is based on one that I have used on some samples there.  It is simple, but feminine and the heart feature is perfect for placing the new baby’s name in.  I also added some butterfly silhouettes.  My 4 yr old son, when asked what he thought, said that he thought the butterfly on the front wasn’t finished because it didn’t have any colour on it … mmmm, he may have a point there, but it’s too late now!

To make the final card I printed out the front and back of the card onto quality matt photo paper, cut them out and stuck them onto some purple card stock which was folded down the centre.  I also printed out an inside page with a greeting and a repeat of the single flower motif.  The inside section was glued with a thin strip to one side of the card and then I tied a coordinating ribbon around the centre of the card.  I added a few crystal embellishments and the result you can see here.

The finished product

 You may also have noticed that I made an envelope to go with the card.  So by the time my nieces family have received all their specially designed goods they will be well and truly floraled out!! 🙂  But I enjoyed doing it!

By the way, I’m working on a new online shop where you will be able to use my designs and personalise them to your requirements so keep checking back on the website for more information on that.

All the best

Jane x