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Print your own

25 May

I have been busily working away at finding the best solution to allow my clients to purchase and download my invitations.  This would allow the user to either print the invitation themselves or take the document to a printer. 

There are a lot of options out there and it is taking time to research the best option for my business. 

Butterfly Tag Card Pack

I am also branching out into creating printable cards, templates and downloadable graphics and need to establish whether this can be incorporated into the same website or whether I should set up a new one for this side of the business.  Oh dear, so much going on at the moment, but if you visit my Galleries after 31st May 2010 you will see a new category called printables where I plan to do a test run!

Anyway, keep checking up with this site (you could always subscribe to the RSS feed) and I’ll keep you informed.