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Mini Tags | Inspiration & New Product

20 Mar

Do you ever find yourself needing to thank someone and scrabbling around for a gift tag to brighten up your offering? I know I do.

I’m a big Kraft paper fan. It’s so versatile. You can wrap up a present and then pretty up the paper in so many ways. Here’s a few of mine from last year.

Kraft paper wrapped presents.

Kraft paper wrapped presents.

Well, last year I discovered another fab paper and cardstock called ‘Botany’. It’s a recycled paper and has the most gorgeous texture and look about it. It is very rustic and great for the environment. I’ve used it for all sorts of things including boxes for my tealight candles!

Tealight Candles

‘Botany’ boxes

This week I’ve been inspired to create mini tags using this beautiful card. These are the cutest things ever (even if I do say so myself)! They measure 7cm x 3cm and will suit all sorts of jobs. How about tieing around the stalk of that plant you’re giving as a thank you? Or maybe add it to a brightly coloured party bag? The options are endless. And what could be simpler than the black print on this gorgeous rustic card!

'Botany' mini tags. (c) Just Jane Designs

‘Botany’ mini tags. (c) Just Jane Designs

You could make these yourself or if you prefer pop over to the Just Jane Designs shop and purchase from there.


Stylish Stripes Options

14 Jun

Classic Stripes Colour/Button Options

Following on from last week’s Stylish Black & White invitation I thought it might be a good idea to show how designs can be altered to suit the client’s colour requirements and also the occasion.

Taking the Stylish Black & White invitation I have changed the base colour from black to a variety of other shades.  I have also changed the silhouette in the button which can change the whole feel of the invitation.  For example a bride and groom in the button makes it suitable for a wedding or engagement. 

So once again I would like to remind you that all my designs are adaptable.  If you like the feel of one of them but think it isn’t quite right for your event, call me or e-mail me and we’ll work out an adaptation.

Take care all!


No minimum order required!

5 Jun

Ok, after quite a bit of soul searching I have decided to remove the minimum order requirements on most of my products.  The change will come into effect from Monday 7th June, 2010.  The minimum order will still be applied at my discretion to those orders that require a large amount of my time such as handmade wedding sets, etc.

The reason behind this change is that most of my party invitation clients often only require 8 or 10 sets and purchasing unnecessary extra copies is a little frustrating.  Others have found it useful to have extra copies in cases where there have been a number of negative RSVPs, but I have decided to let the client decide on the number they need.

I would just like to remind you, though, that having extra invitations is always useful.  Even if it’s just to have one to include in your scrapbook or keepsake box.  So when placing an order for invitations, from any source, I would recommend allowing a small excess.

Have fun planning your parties!  And don’t forget I’m always looking for ideas – even if you don’t want to order from me!


Extending Web Advertising

14 Apr

Just wanted to let you know that I am now working on listing Invites by Just Jane on as many free web directories as possible!  You’ll notice that my front page has a Start Local image on it and this is one of the directories I have listed with. 

Listing your business in this fashion is a good way to find alternative markets on the web that you perhaps have not considered or tapped into in the past.  It is also another way to encourage your clients to recommend you on an unbiased website.  I’m a big fan of testimonials but I am also a little sceptical when I see them on websites where the business owner has control – so recommendations in other places can serve to smooth that scepticism in some cases.

At the risk of boring those of you who are here for stationery only I will close this post with a little plug for my virtual PA business!  If you would like to have your business listed on over 50 Australian web directories then contact me for a quote – this is a service I introduced in February 2010.   Visit Just Jane for more details of my personal assistant services or visit the Just Jane Blog for up-to-date information on new services. 

I look forward to being able to help you with either your social stationery or in your professional life.

Happy planning!