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I Spy Photo Game {Wedding | Party | Printable Freebie}

7 Feb

My WordPress analytics for 2011 showed that this post received more hits than any other of my posts last year, so I decided it was time for a follow up!

Let’s start with a basic Google search here. What an incredible number of styles and wording there are around!

I still think that this game is a great ice breaker and gives the kids something to do at a wedding. It would also make a great activity for those big special occasion parties – you know the ones: wedding anniversaries, special age parties, etc. Just change the words around or write your own rhyme (I’m absolutely no good at that!) and you’re good to go.

As a special thank you for taking the time to read my post I’ve decided to give away a printable I Spy. I found this rhyme on an image in the Google search, but unfortunately I am unable to find the original source so if these are your words please let me know so that I can credit you properly!

To get your free download file please click here (updated … you will be taken to the Freebies page of www.justjanedesigns.com to download these files).

Enjoy! Jane x


Breaking the Ice at the Wedding Reception

24 Nov

I’ve recently had some new business cards and other stationery printed by moo – I love that I can have as many different designs as I like in one pack, although I don’t often use that option! Anyway whilst I was randomly wandering around their site the other day I found a wonderful section showcasing things that other people had done for their Wedding.

Breaking the ice at the wedding reception is always hard – how DO you get people to talk to each other? I’ve talked about ‘I Spy’ Photo games here before, but what about a quiz asking questions about the happy couple? There’s nothing like competition to get people chatting!

Moo quiz cards

{Image Credit}

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I Spy Photo Game at your Wedding!

18 Mar

I love this idea! Give your littlest guests something to do at the wedding reception. Provide a disposable camera and a list of things for them to photograph – use pictures instead of words if you have very young children or make up your own poem of things to ‘click’.  Below are a couple of links to get your juices flowing!

Martha Stewart – I Spy Conversation Starter Game

Wedding Bee – “I Spy” Cards

Why save it just for the kids, that’s what I say? Get everyone involved, I guarantee they’ll all have fun.  Add a photosharing website address and password details and have your guests upload their photos after the wedding.

You can never have enough photos of the big day!

Jane x